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It's been nearly four months since we made the move to the Northwoods of Minnesota and I realized I haven't made an update post amid the chaos of settling in. I figured it would be good to let my readers and followers know what's new in our neck of the woods. So, let's dig into it!

In August of this year, my husband and I closed on our new home located on a lake in the Grand Rapids, MN area. We always dreamed of owning a lake property, but always imagined it would be a small cabin. So, when Lucas got a job offer up north we were excited to make our dream a reality - not in a cabin, but a full-time home. When we found our lake house we knew we were right where we were meant to be.

Moving and settling in was a long process. From unpacking to installing a new septic system, and everything in between. Before we knew it, it was hunting season and we hadn't even had the chance to get our boat on our new lake. Then, it was time to roll in the dock for the season and let the ice take over. Our hunting season was very uneventful and instead of spending more time in the woods, we are now prepping solely for ice fishing. I mean, we still have plenty of venison in our freezer from last year anyway...

In the last couple of years, my passion for ice fishing has definitely grown and I am more than ready to get out on our new lake for hard water season. With warmer temperatures last week and a snowstorm this last weekend we are being very cautious with the ice conditions, however, we will be getting out there as soon as we feel it is safe enough. Then, our up north adventures can truly begin.

In the meantime, we've been enjoying the tranquility of the woods and waters that surround us. Our dog, Cash, is in paradise with the lake right out in the backyard, not to mention all the sticks she can find.

It is a great feeling to be finally "settled" in so we can focus on the outdoor lifestyle we love so much.

Stay tuned for my next post about early ice, coming SOON!

'Tis the Season


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